Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

The Birthday Project

If there’s anything worth noting about myself, it’s my passion of drawing. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I think I’m pretty good at it. :D

Therefore, as my birthday project, I'm going to do the thing I love the most.

I will draw the faces of everybody I know, and everybody I don't. That's a very ambitious goal, I know. But I'm going to spend my life (or what's left of it) trying. :)

I've drawn most of my family and friends; soon I'll be running out of faces to draw. Do you mind if I draw you? Yeah, YOU, anyone who reads this. Just send me your picture (a close-up pic; no naked pics please... :P) then and I will sketch it and display it here, in my blog.

My e-mail address: preciouspreciado@gmail.com

So... Let’s get started!!!

P.S: You can check some of my artworks on http://preciado.deviantart.com

2 komentar:

  1. hai yasmin.
    i'm blessed by u.
    u made me more realized if live is so precious.
    i gonna send u my photo.
    hope u will draw it as best as u can.
    u r talented.
    surrender ur illness to God.
    God have good plans for u.

  2. hi yasmin!
    I just read the article about you from the brother above (n-ry is my friend)on kaskus.us..
    Nice to visit and read your blog =D
    Keep on drawing! :)
    and keep on blogging!